Limits in calculus Calculus limits Understanding limits Calculating limits Types of limits Examples of limits Applications of limits

Calculating limits calculus with examples and solutions | types of limits

Understanding limits Limits are vital in understanding the behavior of functions as they approach certain values, be it a specific number or infinity. To truly grasp calculus, it is imperative to comprehend the nuances of limits.  In this article, we will delve deep into calculating limits calculus, from their definitions to different types with examples […]

Time and Work Aptitude | Concept, Formula Questions and Answers

Time and Work Aptitude | Formulas, shortcuts, questions with solution

Time and Work is an important concepts in math aptitude.  In this article, we will explore essential formulas on time and work, and present a series of examples with solutions, starting from simple to more complex. Formulas for Time and Work 1) The basic formula for time and work is as follows Work = Rate […]

distance formula geometry definition with practice problems | Distance between two points on a line in the X-Y plane

Distance formula geometry | Distance between two points on Coordinate plane

This article provided formulas with examples for distance formula in coordinate geometry. i.e. Distance between two points on coordinate plane formula with derivation also given different types of examples. What is the distance formula in coordinate geometry? The distance formula is used to measure the distance (say d) between two points in the coordinate plane. […]

double integral in calculus questions with step by step explanations | allmathtricks

Integral and Double Integral calculus Example with Solution | Allmathtricks

Double Integral Calculus Questions with Step by Step Explanation  There are two main mathematical operators that you will encounter in calculus: integral and derivative. Both of these operators allow us to find specific information about a function. The process integration is nothing but to finding the anti-derivative of a function hence the anti-derivatives are also […]

Two's complement steps | turn decimal numbers or binary number into 2s complement

Two’s complement steps | Conversion of decimal numbers or binary number into 2s complement with examples

The Two’s Complement Definition, Steps of Conversion with Examples. In number theory, the two’s (2s) complement is frequently used in machine languages to encode various terms. The representation of the two’s (2s) complement is similar to the binary variables such as 0 & 1. The one’s complement is used to convert the positive numbers in […]

Pyramid Geometry Formulas and Properties | Surface area and Volume

Pyramid Geometry Formulas and Properties | Frustum of Pyramid

In this article we can learn about types of pyramids and geometrical formulas of surface area and volume and its properties. A pyramid is a three dimensional solid shape which can have any polygon as its base and its edges converge a single vertex or apex. Its dimensions are defined by dimensions of the polygon […]

centroid of the triangle meaning,definition,properties, formula with examples and calculator

Centroid of the triangle formula with examples | coordinate geometry

In this article, we will learn about the centroid of the triangle formula with derivation and also given some examples with solutions. In coordinate geometry, the centroid of the triangle is used frequently to measure a point of coincidence of the median or mid of the triangle. The median or mid of the triangle is […]

Coordinate geometry introduction, formulas with problems and solutions

Coordinate geometry introduction | Locating of coordinate points

In this article we will get an idea about initial understanding of Coordinate geometry concepts like cartesian plane, quadrants, X-coordinate (abscissa), Y-coordinate (ordinate) & how to plot the points on a co-ordinate plane. Basic Concepts of Coordinate geometry Coordinate geometry is one of the important concept in mathematics. Coordinate Geometry is one of the new […]

frustum of cone formula-frustum of cone volume-curved surface area of frustum of cone formula-frustum of a cone problems with solution

Frustum of cone formulas with examples | Surface area and Volume

Conical Frustum Formulas – Slant height,Volume, Lateral, Base and Total surface areas Frustum of A Cone When cut a lower part of the right circular cone is called a frustum. We need to cut the right circular cone with a to cut it horizontally or parallel to the base of the cone, then the solid […]

surface area and volume of a Triangular Prism, Rectangular Prism, Pentagonal Prism , Hexagonal Prism , Octagonal prism, Polygonal prism | prism formulas

Surface Area and Volume of a Prism Formulas, rectangular and triangular

Formulas of a Prism  – Surface Area and Volume What is Prism A prism mathematically defined as, It is a solid three dimensional object which can have any polygon at both its ends. Prism can be also defined as a polyhedron with two polygonal bases parallel to each other The prism two faces is called […]