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How to Find Unit Digit of a Power Number | Unit Digit Problems with Solutions

Finding Last Digit of any Number With Power | Unit place of a Number  In Quantitative aptitude questions ask to find the last digit  and last two digits of  a power or large expressions. In this article explained different types of tools to serve as shortcuts to finding the last digits of an expanded power. […]

Factors concept in number system | Total number of factors for a number | factors for numbers 1 through 100 | how to find factors of big numbers easily

Shortcut to Find Number of Factors of a Number | Sum of Factors of a Number

How to Find Total Number of Factors  for Big Numbers Easily | Number System In number system the concept of factors of numbers is one of the important sub-topic. In this article, we will discussed about definition of factors of number, formulas for finding number of factors, sum of factors, product of factors, even number […]

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Remainder Theorem Tough Questions for Competitive Exams | Aptitude Questions

Remainder Theorem Aptitude Examples with Answers | Remainder Theorem Tutorial Remainder theorem basic rules were given in the following link. Here provides some examples with shortcut methods on remainder theorem aptitude. Remainder Theorem for Number System  Basic rules Application of the remainder theorem: Finding the last digit of an expression purpose simply find the remainder […]

Remainder theorem of numbers | Remainder theorem aptitude questions | How to find remainder of a number with power | Remainder theorem tricks for ssc

Remainder Theorem for Number System | Remainder Theorem Difficult Examples

Remainder Theorem of Numbers | Remainder Problems in Aptitude Before going to concepts of remainder theorem of numbers, it is better to understand the the concepts of  Divisor, Dividend, Quotient and Remainder Remainder Theorem Rule – 1 (Fundamental) Remainder  of the  expression can be expressed as positive remainders and negative remainders. Technically both positive and […]