Cubic feet conversions formula Cubic Inches to Cubic Feets Cubic Yards to Cubic Feets Cubic Centimeters to Cubic feets Cubic meters to Cubic Feets

Cubic Feet conversion : Definition, formulas with practical calculations

The abbreviation of cubic feet is “ft³,” which is the unit of volume used in different fields like construction, engineering, and everyday measurements. This unit is used to find the amount of quantifying of those spaces given in three-dimensional objects. In this article, we will discuss the definition and formula of cubic feet, different conversion […]

Two's complement steps | turn decimal numbers or binary number into 2s complement

Two’s complement steps | Conversion of decimal numbers or binary number into 2s complement with examples

The Two’s Complement Definition, Steps of Conversion with Examples. In number theory, the two’s (2s) complement is frequently used in machine languages to encode various terms. The representation of the two’s (2s) complement is similar to the binary variables such as 0 & 1. The one’s complement is used to convert the positive numbers in […]

logarithm applications | logarithm tricks | logarithm tutorial | logarithm tricks | logarithm application | logarithm questions | logarithm examples | logarithm questions

Logarithm Applications | Logarithm Examples and Answers | All Math Tricks

In this logarithm tutorial explained about logarithm applications with examples and solutions based the logarithmic formulas as per previous exercises Logarithm questions for all class | Logarithm tutorial | Exercise – 3 Please go through the below link for basic concepts of logarithms viz ., Meaning of Logarithm ,  Rule for write Mantissa and Characteristic […]

Basic Concepts of logarithms |log properties | logarithm tutorial | Excercise - 1 log rules |properties of logarithms | logarithm rules practice |

Basic Concepts of logarithms | Log properties | Logarithm without base

In this session we know about basic concepts of logarithms like definition of logarithm with examples, common logarithms, natural logarithms and properties of logarithms. Log Definition and Properties | logarithm tutorial | Exercise – 1 What is Logarithm Take a relation between x, p and y is x = py In the above relation, we […]

Statement and proof of remainder theorem and factor theorem | application of remainder theorem and factor theorem | remainder and factor theorem tutorial

State and Prove Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem | Polynomials

Remainder and Factor Theorem Proof |  Remainder and Factor Theorem Test In this page given definition and proof for Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem and also provided application of remainder theorem and factor theorem Statement of Remainder Theorem: Let f(x) be any polynomial of degree greater than or equal to one and let ‘ a‘ be […]

how to find last digit of any number with power | Find the last two digits of a large exponent | unit digit problems with solutions | unit digit concept

How to Find Unit Digit of a Power Number | Unit Digit Problems with Solutions

Finding Last Digit of any Number With Power | Unit place of a Number  In Quantitative aptitude questions ask to find the last digit  and last two digits of  a power or large expressions. In this article explained different types of tools to serve as shortcuts to finding the last digits of an expanded power. […]

Factors concept in number system | Total number of factors for a number | factors for numbers 1 through 100 | how to find factors of big numbers easily

Shortcut to Find Number of Factors of a Number | Sum of Factors of a Number

How to Find Total Number of Factors  for Big Numbers Easily | Number System In number system the concept of factors of numbers is one of the important sub-topic. In this article, we will discussed about definition of factors of number, formulas for finding number of factors, sum of factors, product of factors, even number […]

Sum of n natural numbers | Sum of odd and even numbers | Sum of the Squares of First n Positive Integers | Sum of the Cubes of First n Positive Integers

Sum of n Consecutive numbers Like Natural, Even, Odd, Squares, Cubes

Formulas with examples for Sum of n Consecutive numbers In this page provide formulas with examples for sum of n consecutive natural numbers, sum of positive integers,  sum of n odd and even numbers, sum of consecutive squares of natural, odd, even numbers, sum of consecutive cube of natural, odd, even numbers. Sum of natural, […]

Methods for finding HCF and LCM

Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple | HCF and LCM

Factorization and Division Methods for finding  HCF and LCM Terminology in  concepts of HCF (Highest Common factor) or LCM(Lowest Common Multiple) : Divisor Dividend Quotient Remainder Multiple Divisible Factor or Divisor : A factor or divisor of a positive integer and it is divides it evenly parts of any  positive integer ( i.e remainder is […]

Divisibility Rules of numbers from 1 to 20

Divisibility Rules of numbers from 1 to 20 | Basic math education

Divisibility Rules for easy calculations of mathematics Here given divisibility rules for the numbers from 1 to 20. Divisibility rules for 2, 4, 8, 16 : Divisible by 2 : Last digit of a any number is divisible by 2 than that hole number is divisible by 2 i.e Any number end with 0,2,4,6,8 than […]