Cubic feet conversions formula Cubic Inches to Cubic Feets Cubic Yards to Cubic Feets Cubic Centimeters to Cubic feets Cubic meters to Cubic Feets

Cubic Feet conversion : Definition, formulas with practical calculations

The abbreviation of cubic feet is “ft³,” which is the unit of volume used in different fields like construction, engineering, and everyday measurements. This unit is used to find the amount of quantifying of those spaces given in three-dimensional objects. In this article, we will discuss the definition and formula of cubic feet, different conversion […]

distance formula geometry definition with practice problems | Distance between two points on a line in the X-Y plane

Distance formula geometry | Distance between two points on Coordinate plane

This article provided formulas with examples for distance formula in coordinate geometry. i.e. Distance between two points on coordinate plane formula with derivation also given different types of examples. What is the distance formula in coordinate geometry? The distance formula is used to measure the distance (say d) between two points in the coordinate plane. […]

centroid of the triangle meaning,definition,properties, formula with examples and calculator

Centroid of the triangle formula with examples | coordinate geometry

In this article, we will learn about the centroid of the triangle formula with derivation and also given some examples with solutions. In coordinate geometry, the centroid of the triangle is used frequently to measure a point of coincidence of the median or mid of the triangle. The median or mid of the triangle is […]

Coordinate geometry introduction, formulas with problems and solutions

Coordinate geometry introduction | Locating of coordinate points

In this article we will get an idea about initial understanding of Coordinate geometry concepts like cartesian plane, quadrants, X-coordinate (abscissa), Y-coordinate (ordinate) & how to plot the points on a co-ordinate plane. Basic Concepts of Coordinate geometry Coordinate geometry is one of the important concept in mathematics. Coordinate Geometry is one of the new […]