Polynomial Definition | Degree of a Polynomial | Types of Polynomials | Polynomial Concept

Polynomial Basic Concepts | Types of polynomials | Algebraic Expressions

In this article brief about basic concepts of Polynomial Expressions. Polynomial definition, examples of polynomials, Degree of polynomials, types of polynomials according to its terms and according to degree Polynomial Definition | Degree of a Polynomial | Types of Polynomials In algebra, we deal with two types of symbols namely constants and variables Constants – […]

how many number of triangles | counting figures in reasoning tricks

Find the Number of triangles in the given figure | Count the number of triangles

In this article provides the simple tricks with formulas to find the number of triangles for the following figures Counting triangles with in Square, Rectangle, Quadrilateral  Number of possible triangles within a triangle How to Calculate Number of Triangles in a Square | Trick to Count no of Triangles Calculate number of triangles in a […]

Statement and proof of remainder theorem and factor theorem | application of remainder theorem and factor theorem | remainder and factor theorem tutorial

State and Prove Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem | Polynomials

Remainder and Factor Theorem Proof |  Remainder and Factor Theorem Test In this page given definition and proof for Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem and also provided application of remainder theorem and factor theorem Statement of Remainder Theorem: Let f(x) be any polynomial of degree greater than or equal to one and let ‘ a‘ be […]

how to find last digit of any number with power | Find the last two digits of a large exponent | unit digit problems with solutions | unit digit concept

How to Find Unit Digit of a Power Number | Unit Digit Problems with Solutions

Finding Last Digit of any Number With Power | Unit place of a Number  In Quantitative aptitude questions ask to find the last digit  and last two digits of  a power or large expressions. In this article explained different types of tools to serve as shortcuts to finding the last digits of an expanded power. […]

Factors concept in number system | Total number of factors for a number | factors for numbers 1 through 100 | how to find factors of big numbers easily

Shortcut to Find Number of Factors of a Number | Sum of Factors of a Number

How to Find Total Number of Factors  for Big Numbers Easily | Number System In number system the concept of factors of numbers is one of the important sub-topic. In this article, we will discussed about definition of factors of number, formulas for finding number of factors, sum of factors, product of factors, even number […]

remainder theorem number system | remainder short tricks | remainder problems in aptitude | remainder theorem aptitude questions | remainder theorem ssc

Remainder Theorem Tough Questions for Competitive Exams | Aptitude Questions

Remainder Theorem Aptitude Examples with Answers | Remainder Theorem Tutorial Remainder theorem basic rules were given in the following link. Here provides some examples with shortcut methods on remainder theorem aptitude. Remainder Theorem for Number System  Basic rules Application of the remainder theorem: Finding the last digit of an expression purpose simply find the remainder […]

Remainder theorem of numbers | Remainder theorem aptitude questions | How to find remainder of a number with power | Remainder theorem tricks for ssc

Remainder Theorem for Number System | Remainder Theorem Difficult Examples

Remainder Theorem of Numbers | Remainder Problems in Aptitude Before going to concepts of remainder theorem of numbers, it is better to understand the the concepts of  Divisor, Dividend, Quotient and Remainder Remainder Theorem Rule – 1 (Fundamental) Remainder  of the  expression can be expressed as positive remainders and negative remainders. Technically both positive and […]

In this page given number of example to cover all topis in Average chapter like Weighted Average, Average age /weight, Average Speed, Average of group of numbers. etc | Average problems with shortcut solution for competitive exams with solutions | Tricks to solve average problems | How to solve average problems quickly

Average problems with solutions | Average Tricks with Examples | Exercise-3

Easy tricks to solve average problems with solutions for competitive exams In Exercise – I   given basic concepts of average chapter with formulas like Weighted Average, Average age /weight, Average Speed.. etc. In  Exercise – II   Covered average of numbers formulas like  average of natural, even, odd, squares of natural, squares of even, cubes of even numbers  […]

Average of numbers formula | Average of first " n" natural,even,odd numbers | Average of 1 to "n" even, odd numbers | Average of sum of square of first "n" natural,even,odd numbers | Average of cubes of first " n" natural,even,odd numbers | Average of first "n "multiple of " m" | The average of a group of numbers.

Average of numbers formula | Average of a series of numbers| Exercise – 2

Formulas to find average of numbers | The average of a group of numbers In this Exercise – 2  given formulas with examples for average of numbers like first “n “natural numbers,  average of even numbers, average of odd numbers, average of constitutive numbers, Average of cubes of first ” n” natural, even, odd numbers … […]

List of Formulas for Average Tricks with Examples |Average aptitude shortcuts | averages formula pdf | average formula for bank exam |average formula for ssc | simple average formula

Simple Average Formulas for Aptitude Questions and Answers |Exercise-1

List of Formulas for Average Tricks with Examples |Average aptitude shortcuts Average is one of the most important mathematical concepts that we use in our day-to-day life. In fact, even the most non-mathematical individuals regularly utilize the concept of averages on a day-to-day basis. In this article provides average concepts and  Average formulas with examples. […]