Definetions and Properties of Line, line segment and ray in math | all math tricks

Lines In Geometry | line segment math definition | Ray along with their types

In this article explained about some basic concepts in geometry like definitions of lines, line segment and ray. Also explained properties and differences for the same. Contents Lines | Line segments | Rays | All Math Tricks Line A line is breadthless length. Line is a set of infinite points which extend indefinitely in both […]

how to find collinear points | Examples of collinear points | point in geometry math | Number of Lines through non- collinear points | All math tricks

Point in Geometry Math | Collinear Points and non-collinear points Examples

In this article explained about defections of point in geometry math, Collinear Points, Non-collinear points with examples. Contents Point in Math | Collinear Points | Non-collinear points | All Math Tricks The terms Point, Line, Plane and space .. etc are fundamental concepts in study of geometry and they Definition of Point in Math: A […]

Factoring Polynomials by using Algebraic Expressions | How to Factor Algebraic Equations | all math tricks

Factorising Algebraic Expressions | Factoring Binomial & Trinomial Formule

In this article explained about factoring polynomials by using the basic algebraic expressions like  factoring a sum of cubes, factoring a difference of cubes, the sum and difference of two squares Contents Factoring Polynomials by using Basic Algebraic Expressions The basic algebraic equations are true for all values of the variables. So we can also […]

Factorise the Polynomial by using Factor Theorem | allmathtricks

Factor theorem for polynomial | Factoring polynomials using factor theorem

If a polynomial f(x) is dividing by g(x) leaves remainder zero then g(x) is a factor of f(x). Here explained about factor theorem example with solution of factorise the polynomials by using factor theorem Factor Theorem Applications| Factor theorem example problems Factor theorem state and proof purpose go through the below link Statement and proof […]

Dividing polynomials long division examples with solutions | polynomial long division examples | Dividing Polynomials by monomials, trinomials & Quadratics

Dividing Polynomials | Division of polynomials examples with solutions

Division of a polynomial by another polynomial is one of the important  concept in Polynomial expressions. In this article explained about  basic phenomena of diving polynomial algorithm in step by step process Contents Algebra division| Dividing Polynomials Long Division Before going to algebra divisions observe the normal numerical division algorithm When we divide 137 by […]

Polynomial Definition | Degree of a Polynomial | Types of Polynomials | Polynomial Concept

Polynomial Basic Concepts | Types of polynomials | Algebraic Expressions

In this article brief about basic concepts of Polynomial Expressions. Polynomial definition, examples of polynomials, Degree of polynomials, types of polynomials according to its terms and according to degree Contents Polynomial Definition | Degree of a Polynomial | Types of Polynomials In algebra, we deal with two types of symbols namely constants and variables Constants […]

how many number of triangles | counting figures in reasoning tricks

Find the Number of triangles in the given figure | Count the number of triangles

In this article provides the simple tricks with formulas to find the number of triangles for the following figures Counting triangles with in Square, Rectangle, Quadrilateral  Number of possible triangles within a triangle How to Calculate Number of Triangles in a Square | Trick to Count no of Triangles Calculate number of triangles in a […]

Statement and proof of remainder theorem and factor theorem | application of remainder theorem and factor theorem | remainder and factor theorem tutorial

State and Prove Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem | Polynomials

Contents Remainder and Factor Theorem Proof |  Remainder and Factor Theorem Test In this page given definition and proof for Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem and also provided application of remainder theorem and factor theorem Statement of Remainder Theorem: Let f(x) be any polynomial of degree greater than or equal to one and let ‘ a‘ […]

how to find last digit of any number with power | Find the last two digits of a large exponent | unit digit problems with solutions | unit digit concept

How to Find Unit Digit of a Power Number | Unit Digit Problems with Solutions

Contents Finding Last Digit of any Number With Power | Unit place of a Number  In Quantitative aptitude questions ask to find the last digit  and last two digits of  a power or large expressions. In this article explained different types of tools to serve as shortcuts to finding the last digits of an expanded […]

Factors concept in number system | Total number of factors for a number | factors for numbers 1 through 100 | how to find factors of big numbers easily

Shortcut to Find Number of Factors of a Number | Sum of Factors of a Number

Contents How to Find Total Number of Factors  for Big Numbers Easily | Number System In number system the concept of factors of numbers is one of the important sub-topic. In this article, we will discussed about definition of factors of number, formulas for finding number of factors, sum of factors, product of factors, even […]