Easy Addition and Subtraction Tricks | Shortcut Process for addition

Easy Thought Process in Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtractions are being the mother of all calculations has the potential of giving  you the edge you required to dominate this all important exams.

Addition and Subtractions are also very essential in our routine  life.

In all competitive exams time is one of the most important factor. So while doing the calculations use shortcut is very essential than only we will achieve our goal.

Generally we following conventional carryover method for doing the addition and subtraction process. In this article explained easy and simple thought process for addition and subtraction.

Shortcut way of thinking in addition :

Let us look a simple example of  58  + 67.

Now see the routine conventional carry over method

Easy Addition and Subtraction Tricks






Step 1 : 8 + 7 = 15 and 1 carry over the tens place

Step 2 : 1 + 5 + 6 = 12

In the above thought process there is no matter how many times you practiced it can be required write down for more numbers.

The Other option for doing the same addition is to think on the number line as follow as

Step 1 : In the number 67 move 7 and than remaining value 60

Step 2 : Start Number lone from zero

Easy Addition and Subtraction Tricks


In the above thinking process in an addition there is no required of carry over and after some practiced in this way thought process there is no required of writing at all.

Once we practiced in this way thinking than definitely it can take less time when compare to carry over method.

Shortcut way of thinking in subtraction :

In subtraction also we generally following the conventional carry over method.

Let us look a simple calculation of  71  –  57.

Now according to routine thinking process

Step 1 : Take 1 from the tens place

Step 2 : Add this number to ones place i. e 10 + 1 = 11

Step 3 : Now subtract 7 from 11 i.e  11- 7 = 4

Step 4 : subtract in tens place  i.e 6 – 5 = 1    , Final our answer is 14

The same example we can do in different and easy think process

For that purpose we remember the rule of number scale

i.e ” Difference between any 2 numbers is equal to the distance between the numbers on the number line”

Step 1 : Start the number line from zero and than our first number comes 57.

Step 2 : Now ours target to be reach number ” 1 ” in the ones place so add this 4 to 57 i.e 57+4 = 61

Step 3 : See the distance from the 61 to 71 in number line i. e 10 . So our answer is 10 + 4 = 14.

Easy Addition and Subtraction Tricks



Even though for  3 or more digit numbers , you would still be able to used this same way thinking process

Now let us see another example in same way of thinking

Example : 612 – 393 = ?

Easy Addition and Subtraction Tricks

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